Here is my story

I am currently an estimator for a IBEW shop with great benefits, pension etc. but I don’t really enjoy what I do at all and always had a passion for helping people and medicine. My union will pay for 75% of all my tuition cost which is a help. I am 34 with only ~46 credits from a community college when I was 24. I guess the road for me to be a doctor(general medicine or an ER doctor) would be to complete my undergraduate in Biology(???). But I would like to remain with my union until I complete my undergrad so I can earn some $$$ and have it partially paid for. I am not sure how long that will take. I don’t have kids(just got engaged) so I would be willing to go as many nights/weekends as possible to complete this quickly. Then I assume it is off to medical school( if accepted). I also assume this is a full-time endeavor where I would not be able to work(???). Then I go off to a residency(???). Is that about right?


~ 12 credits toward my undergrad a semester with ~ 80 remaining for completion so 80/12 is 6. So about six semesters which is about 3 years. Then 4 for med school. So about 7-8 years before I start a residency. Does that sound right?

Any input about my tentative plan would be great.


That sounds doable but you might want to start out with just one or two courses, to make sure you can handle the load along with work. Grades are really important when applying to med schools, so don’t take a chance with them–ease yourself into it. And you won’t be able to work much during medical school; don’t plan on earning any money except during the first summer.

There are some medical schools that don’t actually require a bachelors degree, so you might be able to cut a semester or two off that schedule. For example, West Virginia osteopathic requires 90 credits. Best of luck,

I am on Long Island, New York. Any you know of there? Thanks.

Also if someone has any recommendations on how I should proceed that would be great. I live 5 minutes for Tuoro College in Bayshore, Long Island. I think I am going fulfill my pre-reqs there and then go into their PA undergrad program…I guess. But I will call them.