Hey all!

Hello all, I don’t know if I really belong here only being 27 and all but I found your forums and site after just googling that question “am I told old for med school?”.

I was hoping to start off with a question, maybe I should put this in the application forum but I’ll start here.

I am looking to start up all the pre-med science courses, and I was wondering if it really mattered where I took them? I was hoping to save some money and just hit up a community college before I considered a state school. Any advice on which to choose?

My background in case it helps. Been working in the IT field for about 5 years now, with a brief stint of teaching English in Korea. I’ve found out over the past 5 years that I HATE IT. That being said I’m also applying for PhD programs to enter the sweet cushy life of an acadamic, with my other option being that I wish to enter into the medical field just as much. I’ve got a BS (2.99) and a MS (3.4), this time around I’m shooting for that all important 4.0.

My end goal is to someday end up in a VA hospital because I really think those guys deserve as much help as they can get.

Thanks a bunch,


I’m 27 and have been in the IT field for 5 years as well. I asked a pre-health adviser at a local state university about the community college classes because I wanted to work and take class at the same time. She said that most adcoms prefer bio and chem classes from four-year schools, but it’s alright to get math credits or others from CC’s.

I could be way off base though. I’m pretty new here.

Welcome to you both

Definitely spend some time browsing and searching the forums, as questions like CC vs university come up often. The general consensus is to do your prereqs - especially the “weed out” ones like ochem - at the most challenging instutution you can reasonably manage.

Also, even before starting on this path, you may want to spend some time really delving into why you’re starting this path. Is it because you want to get into medicine? Or because you want to get away from something else?