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it has been about 4-5 years since I've had to write any SQL - and now I need to again - any thoughts on a good reference book to refresh my memory - esp. with good examples for complex joins, unions, subselects, etc.
if it makes a difference to the reference, the underlying DB will be SQL Server 7.x or SQL Server 2000 - but a generic SQL ref would be fine.
thanks for your thoughts,

There are several dealing with SQL, and I think the base book you may want is SQL for Dummies. There is also one out on SQL that, and for the life of me I forget the name, but its large, black and THICK.
Dummies is cheap and does the job.

I think SQL for Dummies will be a little light for what I need - but I'll peruse it next time I'm in the bookstore - thx

Okay Lisa, I had hoped someone more knowledgeable would answer this question (hang on a minute…I use an SQL database everyday…maybe by “more knowledgeable” I just mean “someone else”! ) No, the real reason I have avoided answering this question is that I had actually wanted to see what other people would recommend to you (selfish huh?! ) Anyway, the two books I have on my shelf are:
SQL in a Nutshell: A Desktop Quick Reference by Kevin Kline, Daniel Kline
which is the (ubiquitous! ) Nutshell series book on the subject. I think all of the books in this series are great, informative etc, but a little dense. Note it is a “reference” rather than a teaching book. (I infer from your post you need a bit of both as a refresher…)
SQL: The Complete Reference by James R. Groff, Paul N. Weinberg
is also good and includes many useful examples. If I were learning/refreshing and were only getting one I would get this one.
Have fun!

I’m glad to hear that you like the Nutshell book - comments on Amazon had indicated that it was not up to O’Reilly standards -
I’ve seen the Complete SQL on Amazon as well - I’ll look for it as well if I ever get to a bookstore -
for some reason, computer books are something I have to page through and won’t just buy over the web :)

When I occassionally forget some of the basics in SQL, I usually reach for a couple of books in my library. I use the following most often for reference:
1. SQL Funadmentals
John Patrick
ISBN: 0130960160
2. The Practical SQL Book
Judith S. Bowman
ISBN: 0201447878
I think they are both good refernece books and they usually help each time I am in a jam.
I hope this helps. :)