Hey everyone!!

Well, I have been reading this forum for a little while and am really encouraged to see how many people are pursuing their dream of becoming a doctor. Best of luck to all and like the saying we have in latin america goes," Lo que se quiere se puede" which means “if you want it, it can be done”!!!

A little about myself, my name is Carlos and I am 30yrs old. I was born in Massachusetts but my whole family is from Honduras. I’m married with 2 boys( 5yrs and 3yrs). I worked in the medical field as a home healthaide for 5 years and as a medical assistant/phlebotomist for 6 years(in occ med and pediatrics).I am currently an undercover detective specializing in street level narcotics and prostitution at a metropolitan police department. I have been doing this for about 2 years now. I am currently finishing my degree in criminal justice but will be starting my med school pre-reqs in september. I will have my B.S. in december but will be starting from scratch on the med school pre-reqs.

Like many non-trads desiring to become a physician, I was very immature in the past and didn’t have that drive that is needed to pursue medicine. I am know MUCH more mature and am thankful for all of the experiences I have had in the past 10 years. I have more drive now than ever before and will not stop working on my goal of becoming a doctor until I get there!!!

Hopefully we can all continue to help and encourage each other on this long journey and will all move up to the med school forum someday real soon!!!

Hi Carlos, Welcome to OPMs - I found this place indispensable while going through premed night courses. Best of Luck!

Thanks alot! I am excited to see how everyones experiences go in the preparation and application process. I was also curious what types of jobs us older folks are leaving to pursue medicine. I really enjoy doing what I’m doing now but it just isn’t what I’m passionate about. I also wanted to know what you all think adcoms will think about me leaving the medical field to become a detective and if it will affect my application negatively. Any and all advice/comments are greatly appreciated!!