Hey Seattle Students!

I just by chance met Achim and Misscompassion online from Seattle. We are comparing our journey’s and exchanging cc, UW and SU information.

I would love to meet some more of my neighbors. I’m a big fan of support!

Introduce yourself if you’re from Seattle!

Hope to hear from you-


I lived in Seattle until 2004 and now I’m across the state in Spokane…does that count?

I resided on Belmont Ave at the base of Capitol Hill…I really miss Seattle, it was so nice to be able to walk everywhere!

Best wishes to all of you in the Seattle area and welcome to OPM!

hi Libbey

I noticed that you own your own business…what kind?

I owned a coffee shop from July 1996-Nov 1998 and loved every bit of it!

Hi misscompassion,

I own coffee shops. I actually am in the process of selling them all so I can go to school full-time and have some $ to live off!

I love it too. Well, mostly… I have a staff of over 15-20 employees from the age of 16-22. Boy, what a hard age!

You have already completed your pre-req’s at UW correct?

Did you like UW or CC better? I read your earlier post, I was just wondering what your bottom line thought was.

I already have my degree, so I just need the pre-req’s. Did you transfer to UW to get your degree, or to complete your pre-req’s?

Do you feel the classes were harder at UW?

Do you feel competitive today?

I would love to glean from your experiences.

Have a geat day- It’s beautiful outside. I on the other hand have a chem test to study for… Yipee


Hey Jeff,

How did you get to Spokane? At least you can still root for the home team! Give support to the Seahawks and the Mariners… Hey, the M’s need all the support they can get! Especially in Eastern WA!

I agree with you, I LOVE Seattle!

Off to study…


Libbey and Misscompassion,

Any recommendations on volunteer opportunities in the Seattle area? I am currently volunterring at the Overlake ER and I really enjoy my time there but would like to look into some other opportunities.



While living in Seattle I volunteered at Harborview Medical Center…it was an incredible

experience and they are always looking for volunteers. In fact it was my volunteer experience at Harborview that made me finally pull the trigger to begin the journey to medical school! If you’re interested PM me and I’ll send you the volunteer coordinators contact information. In addition, I had friends volunteering at Childrens Hospital & Medical Center in Seattle and they loved it.


I volunteered at Horborview as well. I spent a year there, and am going back next month. I loved it. Janet Green is the volunteer coordinator. Just call Horborview and ask for volunteer services. You have to fill out some paperwork and get a TB test, go through orientation and then find a placement. the Trauma Center is great, but the Burn Center is also a great place for serious exposure. You get pretty close with the docs and nurses… They like a four hour a week committment on a set day. You can get more days by covering for other volunteers or workig in more places than just one. It’s a great place.

But not if you have a weak stomach… I’ve been peed on, puked on, swore at, hit and spit on…But I couldn’t get enough of it!

Take care-


Wow Libbey brings back memories…I spent nearly three years volunteering up on 9 East (the burn ICU) and couldn’t get enough of it! In addition to burns (which you’ll see a lot of) they also handle all the wound care so you’ll see interesting stuff like necrotizing fasciitis (flesh eating bacteria)! Also when I was there the pediatric ICU was at the other end of 9 east. As Libbey mentioned it’s not for the faint of heart, but it can be a wonderful experience! Many of the patients in the ICU were intubated but the poop and pee could still fly! lol I left Harborview in 2003 so things may be a bit different now but I would definitely give Janet Green a call!!!

Libbey…just before I left in 2003 they were talking about merging the burn ICU up on 9 east with the burn center which at the time was just below on 8 east…did they ever do that or are they still on separate floors?

The Overlake ER can get quite busy but so far it has been fairly sedate. I will definitely look into harborview when my current rotation at Overlake is complete. Thanks!

another Seattleite in the house…starting my prereqs this fall and hoping that the planets align and I will be starting medical school in 2008. I will be doing the Harborview thing, too, as soon as I finish up the last of my immunizations. it sounds like it will not be dissimilar to working in the King Co. Courthouse (where I worked for several years)… anyhow, it is nice to “meet” some other locals on the same track!

Welcome to “Land of the Long White Cloud”!

(Aotearoa in te reo Maori)

Are you a Kiwi?

thanks for the haere mae, megboo. not a kiwi, but maybe some day…(they need doctors in NZ, no?). I’ve traveled there and felt quite at home.

Yeah, I lived there for just under a year right out of college. Fantastic place. Can’t wait to go back.

Hey there Seattlelitest -

Just came across this site and am still a bit overwhelmed with the idea that this may be something for me.

I’m a tech worker who’s been doing the grind for about 10 years and am looking for something a bit more challenging, meaningful, rewarding, and more suited to my workstyle and personality.

If there are any Seattle OldPreMeders out there, I’d love to pick your brain about your experience. I want to make sure I do my homework before beginning on this long road.

I’ll trade you a beverage of your choice for a little brain picking.

Thanks and I look forward to hearing from you.

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I am 43 years old and have been bit by the Medicine bug. I am hoping to start my pre-med requisites at UW in October. I need help figuring out which Bio and Chem courses I should be taking. I will be a non-degree student. I already have a Bachelors in Biomedical Engineering ('86) and a Masters in Computer Engineering ('92) and have been working in the software industry for the last 15+ years. I had taken most of the BCPM courses back in the early eighties toward my biomeical degree but dont remember much of that so am going to refresh all the courses so I can do well on the MCAT.

I am super excited to have found this group.