Hey, you! Yeah, you.

Don’t give up.

That is all. Cheers

Hello actowery,

Glad to see another Paramedic in here!

Reading your signature reminded me I should make one…



Thanks bro! You too!

OPM Paramedics aiming for DO are not only my colleagues, coworkers, and (humbly) my friends, but they are also my inspiration.

(As are the other inspiring dreamers and achievers on OPM, I just identify more with those whom have taken a similar road less taken.)

Another day of school or work done, another step closer to the knowledge that I gave it my all; an honest try. I could die happy knowing that I gave it everything, even if I didn’t get that gold ring.

My 2 cents:

Don’t give up… you can forgive failure, but you can’t forgive inaction.