Hi All - Still here contemplating Medical School

Hi All,
I would like to introduce myself. I just turned 36 on May 24. I have a BA in Biology, MA Science and an MBA. I have been contemplating medical school for many years now. As an undergrad, my grades suffered but I did graduate with a 2.8 overall. I have been working for over 10 years in the pharmaceutical industry where I have gained alot of experience in clinical trials and medicine. I have never been totally happy in my work and always felt that I was missing out on my dream to be a doctor. I am beginning to search for post-bac programs that are flexible since my husband and daughter are a huge part of my life. I will also need to keep my job as I attend the post-bac program so I will be facing great challenges.
Any feedback would be greatly appreciated.

Hi, and welcome! It’s a giddy feeling when you finally decide you have to do this, isn’t it? Giddy and scary and unreal. And fun.
First of all, consider an informal, do-it-yourself post-bacc. That may be the only option if you need to keep your day job: take (or re-take) the pre-req courses in the evening, one or two at a time, and chip away at it all.
How were your grad school grades? If those were better, you may not have to do as much to “prove yourself” with taking more advanced sciences to make up for a less-than stellar undergrad GPA. We all face big challenges as old premeds, but it’s not impossible, and you’re not alone.

Thanks for your response. I had a 3.6 for my MA and 3.75 for my MBA. I like the “do it yourself” post-bac. It may be less expensive and I can manage my time around it.

I’m doing the “do-it-yourself” route, myself. Luckily, I’m an academic librarian and my director has been cooperative about my schedule. This is a good thing because my university doesn’t offer very many pre-med pre-reqs at night. And, yes, it’s cheaper. I pay regular part-time tuition instead of fees for a specialized program and of course, there’s the whole keeping-my-job thing. Helps a lot.
Hang in there! It’s a fun trip, so far.

Connie -
I echo what Denise said about the “Do-it-yourself” route. From the comments of people who are in or who have investigated formal post-bacc programs, their costs seem to be a lot higher than just enrolling as a regular student at the local university.
What kind of job do you have? I initially considered keeping my job and taking a course at a time but discovered that most of the courses I needed were only offered during the day. Being able to rearrange your job around your classes may be a serious factor.
Good luck!

I work in the pharmaceutical industry as a Clinical Project Manager. I am involved through the duration of the developement phases of clinical trials. It is very interesting and I have learned alot. This is one area that medical schools barely touch upon.

Hi Connie.
Wanted to drop you a note because we have some things in common.
I will be 36 on June 10th…have an MS Criminology and an MBA and a similar UG GPA in Psych. I am very very interested in the pharmaceutical industry…clinical trials, as well. And how I may be able to combine this interest with medicine. Kids, too. But anyway I was just kind of blown away by such similarities.
A large part of my significant work experience has been in clinical research and drug trials. I have been doing a do-it-yourself post-bacc and have been pre-med for many years.
So, big hello and welcome.
Keep everyone posted on your progress.

Hi Connie, and welcome!
I’m fairly new, too…just starting PA school. I’m in my mid-40’s, married, 2 elem. age kids.
I needed about 40 hrs post-bacc and ended up at 3 different colleges in the area to meet my needs, including the comm. college for some basic stuff. Kept cost down, plus the private colleges discounted for part time…also for summer classes, weekend classes and one for night classes.
I LOVED!!! being back in school.
Hey, I worked for +12 yrs in pharm., too.
Good luck w/ your adventure