Hi, all!

Just thought I’d introduce myself… I’m a 34-year-old undergrad in my Junior year (if you count a whole bunch of classes I did poorly in in the Pleistocene) with a 4.0 GPA upon returning to school after a 12 year hiatus.
I have a great job in IT that is the polar opposite of rewarding, and is under constant pressure from outsourcing, so decided to pursue a career change. I was originally leaning toward Optometry, but it seems to me that profession is moving more toward glorified retail, so changed my focus to MD. I have a significant amount of time to decide, as I’m only able to take about 8 credits a semester with my full time job.
Anyway, this site looks like a great resource for the greying mid-life career crisis set, of which I am a proud member. Thanks.

Greying mid-life at 34? Shoot, you’re barely dry behind the ears! Some of us are in our 50s . . . now that’s greying mid-life for ya’!
Welcome to our group! If you want to have some serious fun while learning an enormous amount about the pre-med and medical student world, then don’t miss the conference in June!

Hi Timbo,
We’re practically neighbors! I live over in Sandwich
Nice to see a fellow Illinoisian on the board!

Cool! I can’t really say I’m an Illinoisian yet, though… just moved here from Alaska. Probably should get the driver’s license and plates changed soon…
Where are you going to school? I’m at Benedictine…

I’m taking some pre-reqs at Waubonsee CC right now. I’m taking A&P I right now and A&P II + Calc this summer. This fall I’ll be taking Physics/Orgo I and Spring will be II.
After I take the MCAT, I’m probably going to take some upper-level bios at NIU to help ease the adcom’s mind since I’m doing my “post-bacc” through the local CC.

Good for you! I’m taking it the opposite direction… I have Calculus and Physics out of the way (mostly because I understand those better) and will have Bio and Chem fresher in my mind for the MCAT.
Are you taking the Calculus-based physics? Is it necessary to do so for the MCAT?

I’m probably not going to take calc-based physics. It’s not necessary for the MCAT and I’m not an engineering, physics, or chem major so I can get away with the non-calc physics. Plus, I’ll be taking orgo and studying for the MCAT so I could do without the added stress.
I’m taking Calc though because some schools recommend it, and I haven’t solidified the list of schools I want to apply to yet. I also plan on taking biochem, but not until after then MCAT (after spring 07).
Plus, I already have a couple degrees, so really I just need to get those pesky pre-reqs out of the way, kill the MCAT and get lucky enough to get in somewhere
Are you applying in 07 for 08 admission?

Well, I hope '08… I’m sans-degree (it was much more lucrative to be a real-life computer programmer than a CS student in the early '90s) so I have to finish up a degree before trying to apply. That, and I’m saving as much money as possible before starting.
I guess it’ll mean I’ll be going into residency at 40. Jeez.
Do schools require one semester or one year of calculus? I’ve gotten Calculus I out of the way, but wanted to avoid Calculus II if I could help it…

Tim -
Some schools don’t have any math or calculus requirements at all. Some have math “recommendations”, but they aren’t hard and fast rules.
Go to the university library and look at the latest copy of the MSAR. Check out all of the schools you think you are interested in applying to and see what their requirements are. It’s probably far more likely that more schools will be requiring biochemistry than calc.

Hello my fellow neighbors!!! Here in Bolingbrook, and I am taking some of my courses at St.Xavier, business major, taking my science courses. Looking at going to MWU-CCOM in Downers witin the next 18-24 months. Hang in there, we shall make it!!

Wow… maybe we should get a local chapter of OPM going! Are you taking a full course load, or going part-time?