Hi all

I’m new to the site. 27, live in alexandria, VA and considering starting post-bac this summer either at UMD science in the evening or GMU.

GMU seems the better option financially b/c I’m in- state and for UMD the in-state tuition waiver doesn’t apply to summer classes, bleh.

Anybody have any experience with GMU’s program? How did it pan out? Any advice?

Welcome, burgh!

I just joined about 2 weeks ago, and it’s great to feel that you are not the only nontraditional student working towards a medical degree!

Best of luck in your studies. I’m still working on my B.S., so I’m hoping to apply for Fall 2009, but becomes I’ve also got to work while I continue with my studies, I’m thinking I’ll be entering Fall 2007 (at the ripe old age of 45).


That is very impressive Kriss. Here I am worried that entering medical school at 29-30 is too old.

This looks like it could turn out to be a pretty motivating site :).

I’m in GMU right now. I’ve been doing second bachelors degree, though. During my studies here, however, I met a number of pre-meds, who came to GMU just do get their prereqs done. And it worked for them. The classes are good. You can PM me with any specific questions you may have.


It doesn’t seem possible, but it was ten years ago that I started my “post-bacc” (my own informal arrangement) at GMU. I loved it and felt that I got VERY good instruction. When I was there, I was able to take lab sections with the professor of the lecture course, which helped me become a known quantity to the professor when it came time to request letters of recommendation. Lectures at that time were relatively small, which was also great.

My interactions with the pre-med committee were smooth and easily accomplished as well. Again, I have no idea how they’re running things now: there was no formalized “post-bacc program,” I just signed up for courses, learned what was needed to qualify for a committee letter, and made sure I did it. I had to watch out for myself in ways that maybe people in a formal program don’t have to as much, but you know what? I think that’s a good thing.

And now GMU has a kick-ass basketball team!


Excellent. Do you have any contacts there anymore by chance? I would like to get some more current info. and see if anything has changed since you have been there. I would also like to make sure you weren’t the exception to the rule :).

Congrats on everything by the way! That’s awesome!!!