Hi and hopeful!

Hi all,

So glad to find you… I’ve been thinking about med school for several years. I’ve been practicing law for 23 years and was 24 upon graduation. I litigate. Math was never my strong suit and I lacked the confidence as a young student to forge ahead with med school. I minored in Biology in college.

I am a “do-er” and might be in a position to start this journey. I’m looking for a reality check…and some good old fashioned encouragement.



Your law background will certainly be a big plus in this ever changing climate in healthcare.

I believe that you will bring an interesting perspective and that many schools and classmates will benefit from your knowledge and skills. Of course the challenge will be to explain why medicine and why now (which for an older individual is more challenging than a 21 year old for sure).

I am sure you will do well. Do not hesitate to share your plans and seek advice on this site. People are generally very helpful (whenever they find time to reply).

I wish you the best of luck.

Thank you so much for the warm welcome! There are many opportunities to pursue in law to help protect the rights of patients, doctors, and others. This is a road that I continue to pursue. I just don’t see it fulfilling me or, more importantly, making that much of an impact given the sad state of our legal system. My work in the past several years as a board member of a nonprofit medical organization whose mission is to fund research to cure a particular eye disease is so much more important in my opinion…it has rekindled my spark to heal.

I have so much to think about and hopefully I can formulate some specific questions for the forum.

God bless…

Welcome! I am also new and learning here.

I relate to your math concern; it’s probably a huge monster in the back of your mind. If you’re like me, you need some pretty basic stuff reviewed all over again.

I am in the process of doing that now, sitting home with a ‘Boogie Board’ tablet, scratching out math problems. I am literally relearning from the point of high school math. I signed up for IXL math, watch the math teachings on Khan Academy, bought some workbooks at a Barnes and Noble, and bought some books that were actually written for teens.

Whatever it takes, right?! It’s not that your brain is defunct in math (I truly believed that mine was); it’s just a matter of putting in the time and practicing. Start banging out problems from as basic as you need to go. It’s definitely not my favorite. I’ve been humbled and frustrated that this needs to be done, but it’s also empowering to tackle it head on. I want to go back in time and tell my college self that putting in the time would have made all the difference in the world…live and learn.

You have a Biology degree, a lot of familiarity with the medical legal world, and are on a board for medical research funding. I think that’s a great start.

Welcome aboard the crazy train!

Get er done! While this is not a sprint, it is a marathon so once you start the race keep running. As you know, time flies, so fly with it.