Hi and thank you.

First time poster here…

I am so glad I found this site. I’ve been needing this.

I am in the same boat as you all.

I’m 26, married, with an 18 month old and #2 on the way and I want to go to medical school (Pediatric Surgery… never hurts to have a plan). I was discharged from the USN after 5 years for having cruddy kneecaps on 29 October 07 and now I work full time 40+ a week and go to school at least 12 credit hours a semester.

It has been so encouraging to me to read your stories and know that others have tread where I fear, but am determined to go.

Richard B. for a former bullet sponge you’re not too bad. Thanks for your rules post, I needed it.

Again, thank you all for being willing to share your stories.

I guarantee you’ll be seing more of me.


We look forward to seeing you achieve your goals!

Welcome to the forums - you’ll find a lot of information and a full range of advice.