Hi everyone!

Been reading the forum for a few weeks now and decided to post an intro with a question.

So a little about me: I am 39 yrs old and just left a career as a public sector consultant. I was working 80hrs a week and not enjoying the work or the people. And currently looking around to see what my options are and move on from there. But medicine has always been at the back of my head, beating around like a voice. And I almost decided to go back and do the reqs right after undergrad, but everyone said I was crazy to try and go to medical school at 30. So I went into business and and moved around to various companies until I made it to manger level of a consulting firm.

Now I have undergrad degree in government with a minor in english. My undergrad GPA is about a 2.8 and my degree is about 10 yr old. During my undergrad years I was working full time and caring for my grandmother and I had trouble balancing it all. In addition, I have a MA from Georgetown with a 3.35 but non-science. Also working full time.

So I guess my question is I am thinking of doing a post-bacc but I seem to fall a bit below what they are looking for. Am I wrong in this assessment? I believe a more structured program would benefit me then doing it on my own.

Any suggestions on programs that may fit me would be greatly appreciated? Plus I would like to stay in my area (DC Metro) if its possible.

hello there and welcome to OPM. There is no hard and fast rule with regards to post bacc education. That being said, there is no reason for you to go to a formal post bacc program when you can do it on your own and take classes on your own.

Remember, you need to show the adcoms that you can handle upper level science material. So along with your pre-reqs you may want to do some graduate level science courses (after the pre-reqs of course).

Good luck and ask away, you are among kindred spirits here.

Thanks for response!

Is that normal? Taking grad science courses?

it is situation dependent. The best answers come directly from the schools themselves.

I’m not yet accepted anywhere, so take this with a grain of salt (year of physics left, then MCAT, then application…) -

What I was specifically told by my pre-med advisor was that especially for those of us who have been out of school for a while, upper level science courses help demonstrate that we are still able to handle the academics. She wasn’t talking about grad level courses, though, just the 300-400 level undergrad courses like Microbiology, genetics, biochem, physiology.

It would probably be that much more important with less than ideal undergrad scores to do the prereqs and some upper level courses, and to do exceptionally well at them now.

Best of luck!


you’ll get into a good post bacc or if not can be a student at large, which is practically the same thing.


You’re right - a lot of the formal programs have GPA requirements of 3.0 or higher. But, as mentioned above, you don’t need a formal program. At many schools, you can still obtain the services of a pre-med advisor, even enrolled as a non-degree student.

Take the pre-reqs, a few upper level courses (300-400 level - as mentioned above), do well in them and on the MCAT and you stand a decent chance. You can’t change your undergrad GPA so don’t worry about it - do the best you can from here on out. My undergrad GPA (Spanish major) was 2.78. I’m now in my second year of residency.

Thanks for the responses everyone!!