Hi, from Norman Oklahoma

Hi everyone,
I just wanted to say hello and that I’ve been coming here off and on for a couple of years (never really posted anything)… but I do enjoy much of the helpful info passed around here from those of you with more experience in the whole Premed/Med-School/Residency experience.
I hope everyone had a great Christmas.
Take care,

Hi Johnny,
Welcome to the website. I hope you will post and let us know how you are doing. We love success stories and look forward to adding yours to our impressive and growing list.

Hi Johnny! Welcome to OPM. One of our speakers at the OPM conference in D.C. last year was from Oklahoma although I forget which town or city. He was a family practioner who started out as an EMT/paramedic.

The presenter at the OPM 2003 DC conference was R. Randy Hunt of OSU in Tulsa, where is a Clinical Associate Professor. He is at the Tulsa Regional Medical Center and the Hillcrest Medical Center. If I remember correctly, he described himself as having 19 and 1/2 years of premed, working as an EMT/paramedic, Flight Nurse and Nurse Practioner and graduating at 38 years of age.