Hi From Texas

Hello guys I am a 27 year old Black male from Texas and I look forward to joining this community!

Here are my stats:

Education: BBA in marketing in 2012 (2.76 GPA). Went back to undergrad for post bac and took about 100+ hours to get a current overall GPA is 3.06 and science GPA of 3.02.

Job: Certified Ophthalmic Assistant - I work under the supervision of an ophthalmologist by performing visual acuity, assisting in surgery, history taking, tonometry, lensometry, motility, pupil assessment, visual fields, and may perform refraction. (1,000+ hours)

Shadowing: 50+ hours

MCAT: Bombed it 3 times… :frowning:

Extracurricular: Mentorship in Underserved community, leader of many organizations on undergraduate campus


I hope that schools see my upward GPA trend. Ive managed to maintain a 3.8 GPA on my last 108 hours. My first 130 or so were pretty crappy…