Hi, I am new

Hi, I am a new member. Have a long story about what brought me here(don’t we all?). In short: 37, two kids, BA in English, MBA, no science background. Started Bio I last Tuesday at a local community college. Have no way of taking prereqs full time, so that’s going to be the way. Long road ahead of me. Was thinking about nursing, and might still, but will be reaching for the stars and applying to med schools at about 40, I hope :). And then we’ll see.

Very happy I found this forum - it’s very inspirational with some real world advice!

Welcome to an awesome forum and good luck on your journey!!! Reach for the stars and enjoy the ride, you are with many who are sharing your same path, like me

Good luck on your first prereq!!!

Taking the prereq classes part-time will definitely be better for you with no science background. I commend you for starting this amazing journey… I think the sky is the limit. This site has helped me a lot in such a short time, and I’m sure you’ll get some valuable advice and ideas from here too. Good luck!