Hi! I'm New!

Hi everybody,
I thought it’s time to finally introduce myself.(I’ve been coming to this site often but have not posted so far). After almost two years of contemplating I’ve finally decided to embark on my journey to become a doctor. I am 31 years old, got my bachelor’s and masters in Industrial Engineering and worked as a consultant in the corporate world for over three years and ended up feeling very miserable and un-rewarded. I have always wanted to be a Physician( always only a dream!) and never thought it was a possibility until I came to this site and did more in-depth research. I’m so grateful to this site for having given me the inspiration!
Since I come from an Asian background I’ve had a lot of skepticism thrown at me for starting something new at this latter stage in life(especially since I’m single), but I believe in myself and am determined not to let those affect me. I’ve gotten accepted to the Health Careers Program(post-baccalaureate pre-med program) at Harvard University -Extension School and start classes next week and I’m looking forward to it!!!..I’d like to thank all of you, for the experiences that you share in this site has given me a lot of strength and I look forward to being a part of this community!

Welcome, and congratulations on your post-bacc admission!

Udeshie-- I hope you get as much out of the premed experience as I have: new ways to get some intellectual stimulation, new purposes in life, and even some new friends (which becomes tougher when you’re in your thirties!)

congratulations on taking the first step toward becoming a doctor…I made up my mind (finally) after reading OPMs forum, too…
Good Luck

Welcome and congrats on your acceptance to the Health Careers Program at Harvard Extension. I took a class there last spring and I loved it. I hope to apply to the program and become “official” at some point next year. I plan to take Physics and Chemistry. Good luck. Liz

Udeshie - I’m a 32 year old ‘former’ EE and nuke engineer. Just finished up pre-reqs this year. Strangely, I’ve met and/or heard of so many engineers doing the non-trad medical route. Good Luck at Harvard Extension.

Welcome and congratulations on getting into that program.

Welcome. Don’t let your worry about ethnicity get in your way.

I understand your problem with being Asian and going to school again. It has been very hard for my in-laws (in Bangladesh) to understand why my husband and I were still in college. I hope the cultural attitudes don’t give you too much of a hard time. Good luck in your studies.