Hi...old, but new

Hi everyone,

I registered for this forum back in 2003 when I was applying to med school, but apparently I never posted, so I guess I’m new.

I’m in a weird place and feel like I could use some support. I applied to med school several years ago, as I mentioned. I was accepted, then after much agonizing over it, gave up my acceptance because it wasn’t right for me at the time. I don’t regret doing that, but I’ve discovered that the desire to study medicine has never left me. Lately I’m starting to feel like I might want to reapply.

Now that I’ve started to consider reapplying, all my doubts and fears have resurfaced. One of them is that I’m now several years older (33 to be exact), and another that my previous history of declining an acceptance could work against me. I also have a fear of giving up the next 6 years of my life to the institution of medicine.

Anyway, I just could use some support from people my age or older who did it and are glad they did. I’m still exploring my options, and I’m going to explore the rest of this site as well for inspiration.

Thanks for reading.


Hi and welcome (would “welcome” be appropriate here? ).

If it wasn’t right for you at the time, that sounds to me like the best decision at the time. I would suspect that Adcoms would understand as well, especially if you’re able to articulate why it wasn’t for you, and what has changed since then.

You may also need to consider the age of your pre-reqs and the age of your MCAT scores; many schools want these within X number of years, and I’m not sure how long it’s been for you.

Also, this may just be semantics, but re: “I also have a fear of giving up the next 6 years of my life to the institution of medicine”.

I consider the commitment to be much longer than 6 years, and not just because of residency… what is your desire really like?