Hi there!

Have heard tons and tons about this forum. Finally checked it out and quite happy to be a part of it now!

My name is Seth, I’m a Critical Care Flight paramedic originally from NY, moved to MD for my BS and work, and now heading back to NY for work and to take my pre-med reqs and sit for the MCAT.

Figure I’ll give the brief rundown of my situation. Maybe someones will be similar…

Went to school for Emergency health services, wanted to change my habits from what I did in H.S.(got by because of what I knew from class rather then studying) worked my tail off for the 1st half of freshman year. Then my roommate got busted for marijuana (3.5 lbs to be exact) and because I knew he smoked and didn’t turn him in, the school found me guilty of student conduct codes violations. Well lets just say I spent the better part of the next semester fighthing an expulsion rather then focusing on school. That and my immaturity caused me to sink further. Plus my last 2 yrs of upper level classes got graded on a 7pt grade scale (100-93=A 92-85=B…etc) what should have been a A/B avg, became a B/C one.

So after graduating and working as a critical care paramedic, A doc who works closely with us asked the almighty question "Seth, why haven’t you gone back to school and looked at med school?

So here I am, moving back in with my parents after living on my own for 8 yrs and taking a pay cut, just so I can focus on school!

To all those out there in a similar boat, I wish you luck, and if anyone is in the NYC area and is looking for someone to hang and study with…plz msg me! I could use someone to inspire me to study more!

Hi Seth and Welcome to OldPreMeds!!! There are many people in a similar boat. Where in NY are you?

I am residing in Rockland County. Just outside of NYC. When I’m not working!