Just wanted to re-introduce myself. I have not posted much here but love to read. I am a mother of 3 and a non-trad student. I will be 34 this Sept and excited to be sharing this time with all of you.

Hello & welcome to OldPreMeds! You are certainly among friends &, of equal import, amongst people in similar circumstances. When I founded OPM, just knowing I was not some anomaly was one of the greatest feelings…there are lots of folks like us out there…wish more of them would join!
So tell us where you are on this journey, what motivates you & how solid your support mechanism is? We’d all like to get to know you better. Who knows? One day, you may be working with another OPM alumnus physician.

I am a newcomer myself and have found this site to be very supportive. It will be nice to get to know you.

Thank you Dave and Dana for the welcome. I am very excited to have this site and am eternal grateful.
I have been trying to take classes since 2001, WOW I was going very partime due to having my children. Now my youngest is almost 3 years old and am ready to go fulltime. I worked for an MD in high school and loved it. Although I found it fun, I was getting ready to begin my career in Dental. The doctor I worked for still to this day is ready and waiting to help me out anyway he can.
When I had my second child in 1998, I made a decision to start my journey in the Medical world. I actually did not begin classes until a few years later(2001). Now I am so excited to take off with my dream and make it come alive. I have been a little nervous about my age, but reading many posts here have helped.
So, to sum it up… I am 33, married to a wonderful man, have 3 beautiful children, 2 girls Kelli and Katelyn and 1 son Timothy. I am in my sophmore(early) year and ready to take the world on. LOL
Thanks for this site and good luck to you all

Hi Michelle and Dana,
Welcome to the group. Be sure to post from time to time and let us know how you are doing with classes and planning. You are going to find lots of support here. This is a wonderful organization.
Check out the convention info stuff and if you are close enough to make it, come on to Washington in June. You will be totally blown away at all of the information and fellowship from you fellow non-traditional premeds.
Again, welcome to the group!
(My head is still hurting from ABSITE but it’s in the can for this year!!)