Hilarious 1st Few Days

Sat in my first VERY large lecture hall in 27 years, seats 375 students (kids, really). I sit in the 2nd row per Richard’s instructions (sorry Richard, my eyes won’t let me sit 1st row, I sit dead center 2nd).

Anyway, there I am all prepped for lecture. Professor comes in, plops the syllabus on the overhead thing. Not sure what it’s called anymore, since projector isn’t quite right and it was not a PowerPoint on a flash drive. Anyway, as if on command, the lights dim, professor laughs.

Says we can call him one of four things: Dr, Mr. “First Name”, or… something else. Says that calling him “Doctor, because he has a PhD works for the older crowd.” He hesitates then continues, “You know, like those of all of your fathers’ age… well… all of you” as he waves his hand toward the throng of students, “except for you” and points … at me.

(I believe his collegues have tipped him off there’s an “older but wiser” student amongst his throng.)

I died laughing, so did 374 of my other classmates.

Welcome back, J, welcome back!

That was a great ice-breaker for you, I know it would have been for me. Good luck! You gonna do GREAT!!

Thanks, Mad! I appreciate the support especially as I try to get the brain “gears” churning trying to remember redox equations…

No prob!

Sounds like it’s going to be a fun class.

Was he using an activeboard? Or merely a multi media projector with a different program than powerpoint?

Activeboards are quite fascinating, really. I wonder why more colleges aren’t buying them.

haha, nice. Sounds like a good start