Hi, everybody! I’m not sure I’m doing this right, but I am so delighted to find this site. In fact, I almost cried when I found it.
I’m 38 (39 next Monday), and I’ve just switched back to pre-med from pre-nursing from pre-med. It’s because of the Human Anatomy course I just finished this spring. It was very difficult, and all I could think about was how wonderful it would be to take Gross Anatomy in med school. So, I’m back at it.
I have a BA (1995), and an MA (1999) in English. Still got to take Gen Chem II, Org Chem I & II, & Physics I & II, and I guess Microbiology. I’m not really sure. I threw away my pre-med program sheet when I switched to pre-nursing last winter.
I’m attending a large state university. So far the science classes are enormous, and it’s learning-by-scantron, but I believe the Organic Chemistry classes are smaller. We’ll see. I’m taking Human Physiology this summer (pre-nursing course, but I can’t resist). I hope to apply to medical schools starting in '05.
So, there you go. Thank heavens for this site and for these message boards. I wish everyone good luck. For the folks who are “in,” CONGRATS!!! Nice to be here.

Hi Tony,
38 is a great age to be (re)starting premeds! wink.gif I started a self-designed post bacc at 38, when my youngest son started kindergarten. I will start med school this August. Doable!
IF you possibly can, join us in DC late next week for the OldPreMeds national convention…see site for info. If not, then join us next year; there’s a lot of helpful info, contacts…plus good food and wonderful people.

Hey Tony,
Welcome to OPM! Glad to have you!!! Hope to hear more from you later.

Welcome! Nice to have you here.
best regards

Welcome Tony! Good luck with your prereqs (and your “helpful” classes like micro and physiology biggrin.gif )
–Jessica, UCCS

Hi Tony,
Welcome. I know how you feel about finding this site. It has encouraged me to go for it. I am in a similar situation as you (but I am 40!) and thought NP was the way to go. While taking Micro I decided that the 10 years it will take me to practice as a physician might just be enjoyable! I couldn't resist the Anatomy and Physiology classes either (I am taking them both now). September I start post-bacc with gusto.
Again, welcome!

Hi Tony,
Welcome to the board. I know what you mean about finding this list - I wish it had existed when I was as young as you are! I thought about doing this many times over the years and always managed to discourage myself by thinking I was too old, had already spent too much time in school etc…
At least with your English background you should have an easier time than I am having with the application essay!

Hi Tony!
I just found this list today and also cried - always professional at work. Just a few weeks ago I had convinced myself that I was too old and mostly nuts for wanting/needing to do this. I read a couple of passages on the board before I headed to lunch and came back and decided my “have to/need to” was in full force!
I am with you Tony! I turn 40 in 2 weeks… you can DO IT!
Good luck… you will be great!

Tony! Where have you been my whole life?
I got my BA in English in 1995 and my MA in English in 1997! Finally someone I can rant about how self-indulgent Ezra Pound is and how T.S. Eliot is nothing but a prima donna. LOL!
Tony, welcome to the world of pre-med. I'm right here with you. I'm finishing up some courses, and God-willing, I'll be able to take the MCAT next year.
You'll find that among the science snobs (just kidding, gang) you'll find a lot of useful information, camaraderie, open arms, and shoulders on which to cry.
Welcome aboard!

Hi Tony!
Welcome to the site. I know how you feel about finding it! There's plenty of us lit/humanities people around here, so you're in good company.
Good luck!

Mary, Damon, Joe, Jessica, Jill, LM, Randi, Ash, 2ndave,
Thanks so much for your welcome! I have thousands and thousands of questions, but I'm going to (slowly) work my way through the topics already posted right now, before I begin deluging. I appreciate you all. Talk to you soon!