Hmmm....any suggestions

I interviewed at my number one choice! The school is known for yielding decissions within 4 weeks tops. After 6 weeks I called and was told no decission has been made. When I asked if additional information or materials are needed, the reply was a simple no. Ok, what to do, just sit back and enjoy the silence and prepare for the next interview, or wait a week and check again…
This school, i wrote thank you letters to all my interviewers, the head of the department within the school met with me on interview day and gave his support for matriculation. I have 2 classes that I still haven’t the grades since I need to retake these classes since I was assualted during last quater…should I inform the school they did not recieve these grades for this reason and an expected date of a grade…or again just enjoy the silence for the while…Thanks everyone!!!

Hi there,
If you have a complete application and have not received a rejection letter, you are still being considered for admission. Hang out and see what happens. Things just might be slowing down for some clerical reason that has nothing to do with you or your application.
Chill and wait it out.