Hey all you OPMer’s! I’m an old OPMer and just wanted send salutations to all the people I met a few years ago. I hope life is grand and all of your dreams are coming true.
Best wishes,
Greg Schimmack
Sargeant with arms '47

It’s good to hear from you! So tell us what you’ve been up to. Someone told me you were going to PA school. Is that right? If so, when will you graduate? Where do you think you’ll go to practice? Give us all the juicy details! And, are you still in Texas, or have you moved on? In other words. . . what the heck are you doing and what have you been up to?!

Hey Greg!!! Nice to see you back on the forums!! Hope you’re doing fine. Last time we talked you were getting ready to move again. Has that happened yet? Fill us in on your plans.
P.S. – It’s almost football time!!

Greg, damned good to hear from you! Was wondering what had happened to you? Linda’s already asked the obvious questions: Still in TX? Heard the rumor regarding PA school - give us the straight poop?

Love to hear an update on the free spirit of OPM. Please stay in touch…I know there has been some grist in the past. I hope that we can put that all behind us. You are still one of us & will always be welcomed here.

Welcome Back Greg!!!