Just want to wish everyone a Happy Thanksgiving early! I’m leaving tomorrow to go down to Southern Illinois and won’t be back until the 29th because… I’M GETTING MARRIED!!!
in case you didn’t hear - I’M GETTING MARRIED!!! (I’m just a wee but excited ).
Anyway, I dunno if I will read/post between tomorrow and when I get back, so I wanted to wish all of you well. And if any of you are so inclined, maybe you could say a little prayer for me that I won’t be too nervous!

Congrats, Meg! I know all will go well.

Best wishes for you, dear!
Remember, any little thing that goes wrong on your wedding day will be a treasured memory ten years from now. In other words, nothing can really go wrong! Have a wonderful wedding and a happy marriage!

Congrats Meg!
Have a happy holiday and an even happier wedding

Congrats and best wishes!!

Congratulations and best of luck to you and your soon to be spouse!

Have a great holiday and a wonderful wedding!!!
Everything will work out perfect!!! Even if something doesn’t go according to the plan (and sure it will be the case) noone else will really know what the plan was!!!
It will be beautiful and unforgetable!!!

congrats and best wishes to you and your husband-to-be!
and a very happy holiday to all!

I’m back and it all went fantastically! It was such a blur that I can hardly remember details! But I am now proud to be the little Mrs! And we get to go to Disney world in less than 2 weeks!