Hopkins secondary question

So here’s a question I haven’t been able to get answered yet. I’m filling out my secondary for Johns Hopkins (available to everyone online), and it asks for Undegraduate GPA and Postbacc GPA. Should “undergraduate gpa” include postbacc undergrad grades? I mean, are we supposed to enter our cummulative undergrad gpa there, or only the subcategory of Freshman - Senior years in college? I want to be consistent with my AMCAS application, but AMCAS does not define an “undergrad gpa.” They have individual years, postbacc, and cumulative. Nothing that summarizes Fr - Sr.
Has anyone encountered this question from Hopkins in recent years? I tried calling them but they only staff the phones Mon - Wed.

I think but it is best to call Hopkins and ask that they mean for undergrad gpa fr, soph, jr, sr and then if you got a job or whatever and had to do more classes beyond undergrad that is post-bac. Obviously you will have to calculate it yourself unless they do it automatically…

Hi there,
Post bacc is anything that is taken after you have been granted a bachelor’s degree whether the class is at the graduate level or undergraduate level. If you are in a formal graduate program then you may list your course as graduate otherwise they are listed as post bacc.
For example, I took three graduate level chemistry courses when I was an undergraduate but they were not counted as graduate courses because I was not a graduate student. They were counted as post bacc because I held a previous bachelor’s degree. Every course that I took in my formal graduate program was counted as graduate-level and not post-bacc.
Hopkin’s uses the same system as the AMCAS.

Thanks for the help. I’m going to call Hopkins to ask. Still can’t figure out what they consider undergrad.