Hospital Admin To Physician: Do I Stand A Chance?

I’ve been so grateful to have found this forum over the last few weeks! Now, it’s time to address my current status and pre-med journey.

Quick stats:
-Former D1 College Athlete
-BS Public Health
-MS Healthcare Admin
-Former University prof (healthcare systems and medical ethics)
-Professor for Study Abroad tour of the Italian Healthcare system (1 semester course and 3 weeks in Italian hospitals)
-200 hours of ED volunteering in Undergrad and 400 hour Graduate internship in Surgical Services and Ops
-3.2 Undergraduate GPA/2.0 Science (very few science courses but the ones I did take are Cs and Ds with no upward trend)

I’m currently a Patient Safety and Risk Manger at a large teaching hospital. I directly report to the Chief Medical Officer who doubles as a practicing surgeon. Due to my current position, I have unlimited access to shadowing and exposure to all specialties. My plan is to do a DIY postbacc and start completely from scratch (chem101 and beyond).

My burning questions:
-Are online classes still acceptable due to COVID? All universities in my area are still online indefinitely but I know my state will always take the more conservative route and continue to delay in-person later than other states
-Should I take “extra” courses like anatomy and multiple bios to boost my GPA? Especially since it’s clear I’ve struggled with sciences in the past
-Does my current job help my application stand out?
-What else am I missing that I can begin to tackle?