Hospital work

I’m trying to get in some time at the hospital, helping out. What are some common/good inroads to getting some “departmental” hours? I was told yesterday that it’s important to have that kind of direct patient experience on the application to medical school.

This varies SO widely I hate to even try to tell you. Be nice to the volunteer coordinator, for a start. Let him/her know what you are interested in, find out what they need, and be prepared to commit to be around for a few months–even if you can only do a couple of hours each week. I found I get a lot of patient contact in the hospice, so look into that, too. It’s not as busy as a medical floor, and you see a lot less of the doctors, but it’s still very rewarding.

Hi, I was a Hospice Nurse for the past 9 years before Med School and I think Hospice volunteer work would be great for Pt. contact and some disease process observation. As a Volunteer you can attend the IDG meetings with the Nurses and Dr that is the medical director of the hospice. Maybe Hook up with the Hospice MD and do some shadowing and get advice on experience …recomdation letter later. Also since a lot of hospice is in homes now you get to see the social aspect of Pt. care and work directly with social workers, Nurses, Nurses Aids.