Housing needed -- WDC area

Well, my lease is up in March and I am looking for a new place to live, though I don 't need to move by March.
Looking for an apt or share in the WDC area. I have one cat (who recently turned 17 so she doesn't do much).
Any ideas welcomed!

sad.gif I wish I could help, but I do wish you the best of luck....[

At least in Adams-Morgan/Mt. Pleasant, where I used to live–and I think the same goes for nearby areas like Dupont–the best strategy is just to walk around and put in applications with the managers of buildings that look promising. They will put you in line if they don’t have anything and because it is important to them not to discriminate, most just go by a “first in line with decent credit gets the apartment” policy. This allows you to target your search by neighborhood and building, too, which is a nice way to try to make sure you get a place you’re happy with.
good luck!

I found a place! In a house near Georgetown University (FIVE minute walk!)! All my roommates are med students!

Uncle George may be able to use a roomie - he lives at 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue in this great big white house…lots of spare rooms!
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