Houston Medical

Bummer, I was hoping it would get its critical acclaim accompanied by numbers that would merit its renewal.
I guess made up melodramatic stories like those on ER are more enticing to a TV audience rather than real life and death situations presented on the docudrama's.
I would like to know how Dr. Marnie Rose come's out after having been DX with a GB tumor. I hope she recovers.

Actually, I can believe the show was cancelled, but I wish it would continue. Part of the problem, I suspect, is that the only person you really go away caring anything about was Dr. Rose, and then you’re so torn up inside that you don’t want get emotionally invested like that again. During Dr. Rose’s second brain surgery, I looked over and Jennifer was just crying her eyes out. I was sitting there, white-knuckled, praying “No tumor, no tumor.”
I truly hope Dr. Rose is the little engine that could and makes a full recovery. She seems like a wonderful person.

I posted this link on the Houston Medical thread in the Pre-Med Discussion forum.
Houston Medical Link
It has interviews with Dr. Red Duke, the neonatologist, and the med student on there. It also talks about why it was canceled.
I’m with you Ash, most of the story lines didn’t grip me emotionally like Dr. Rose’s. The interviews with the neonat and the med student on the web site are good reads. If the show had been able to convey the side of them they showed in their interviews, I think it would have been a success.

Quote (ballast @ July 25 2002 3:18 pm)
I'm with you Ash, most of the story lines didn't grip me emotionally like Dr. Rose's. The interviews with the neonat and the med student on the web site are good reads. If the show had been able to convey the side of them they showed in their interviews, I think it would have been a success.

I think the person to blame is the editor. You try and crunch 45 hours worth of tape into one 52 minute show and you are going to have to cut some great material out regardless. I liked the formatting, but perhaps some of the material could have been tweeked a bit more.

Houston Medical update…
click here

Looks like there is a massive “Save Houston Medical” movement brewing. I think the link is www.savehoustonmedical.com and it has a petition and poll online.
I might be wrong but I read that they were getting great feedback from fans and doctors about keeping ABC under pressure to renew it sometime even as a mid-season replacement. I’d like to see it stay on.
Marnie Rose wasn’t able to make the announcement because of therapy. She is evidently off rotations due to cancer complications.

did anyone see ABC’s newest real-life medical show this week - “ICU - Arkansas Children’s Hospital” - I think it was Tuesday or Wednesday night? A little different format since it focused just on the unit and the people therein.
- I’d like to see Houston Medical continue too!
remember when there was the “Sunday night Mystery” series - and it alternated Columbo, McMillan & Wife and McCloud? Or the Bold Ones - where there were different series that alternated weeks. Think they should do something like that with their medical reality TV?

sorry, sorry, sorry to post this but I know I was not the only one who valued Dr. Rose:
August 24, 2002
HOUSTON – A physician who allowed viewers of the ABC reality TV series “Houston Medical” to witness her battle with brain cancer has died.
Dr. Marnie Rose was 28.
Rose died yesterday at The University of Texas M.D. Anderson Cancer Center in Houston. Relatives told the Houston Chronicle that she was admitted Thursday after having trouble speaking. Doctors discovered she had pneumonia.

Rose was a second-year resident at the University of Texas Medical School at Houston.
Services will be held Sunday in Houston.
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This is a sad ending to a life that was filled with great promise… I will say a prayer for her family and friends. :(
Here is a link if you are interested.

Rest in peace Dr. Rose.
From an aspiring doctor, a fellow UT student, and a believer in life, courage, faith and most recently, Dr. Marnie Rose.

I am typing this with a lump in my throat…
How terrible. Marnie was my favourite on the show, and what an inspiration she was.
She suffered so much…I was praying she would make a full recovery. How very sad.