Houston OPM'ers had get-together

Hello all,
Free Houston events: PR has practice MCAT on 10/15; MCAT strategy clinic on 10/20. Kaplan has a clinic 11/8 6p-8p.
I want to publicly thank Mike for hauling us together last Saturday. It was lovely to meet you folks, and incredibly motivational, too.
Baylor med student Pam, a 3rd year, came out to meet us too. We were all so grateful, and couldn’t believe she had time in her schedule to meet us. THANKS EVER SO MUCH! You had great words of wisdom & inspiration for us.

Thank you Mike, Barb and Pam. It was wonderful and inspiring to meet you all. I am just so happy that we did meet!
Big thanks to Mike for the initiative to get us together and to Pam for spending time with us.
And, I always want to thank OPM for daily inspiration and guidance. Life is good.