How are finals going?

Good, I hope! Going okay for me…my big study weekend was shot to pieces as my wife’s sister is staying with us right now and we don’t have a terribly big place for privacy. I hear the ochem prof is generous with end grading, so I hope that pulls me through to a decent grade. Waiting for microbiology right now…

Best of luck to all!

My ochem final is next Tuesday. We had a test last week, and I officially blew my chances for an A in the class, so I’m trying to mentally prepare myself for the B I’m going to get. Ochem is the only final I have to take. I better get back to studying. Happy finals everyone!

Hear that about the family stuff. For some reason a year old issue decided to rear itself and created a pronounced, 72 hour running disagreement at home, before I worked two night shifts and then started finals week. . . sigh.

Took completely cold (and bombed) a physics final that is going to cost me the A, thinking a B+ is still possible, asked for the retake but no dice.

Then spent yesterday and today fixing our issue and took a bio exam nearly cold. Didn’t bomb it I don’t think, but it was one of those exams that you walk out and kick yourself, because you know the curve is going to be high and you are thinking with just a few more hours of attention you would have aced it.

Lab report due tonight at midnight, but got a 36 hour extension, 3 misc short papers for a writing gen ed and then two physiology finals, Friday afternoon and Friday night. Have A’s by 0.1% in both. But just not feeling that love. Too much material to review and professors that you cannot even begin to guess where they will test from. So am just going to relax, post here tonight and get a real nights sleep before writing all day tomorrow.

Have good thoughts for me everyone as I will for you. If your finals are next week, don’t let your guard down like I have. Push hard one more week and your holiday break will be that much sweeter!


Finals suck!

I take so much longer to study then everyone else, I hate it. I’m just glad they are all done. Now to take a much needed break before Spring.