How do adcoms view incongruence in MCAT sections?

Hey OPM’s,

I took the MCAT earlier this year, and was very happy with two of my section scores. The other two were not great at all. As a result, my composite score was average. It’s a high enough score to give me a shot at some interviews, but I am concerned with the incongruence. How will adcoms view a large difference among the sections? I have thought about taking the test again, but I don’t want to take chances with lowering the higher scores, if I don’t absolutely have to. What is the best approach?

Hard to say as only the second cycle with the new exam is wrapping up. I’m suspecting that a low CARS section won’t immediately throw you out. However, if it’s alarmingly low, this might put you out of the running.

A few schools point out their median score on each section, but then write something to the effect that a score lower than 125 on any section will put the applicant at a distinct disadvantage. Such logic makes some sense since 125 is supposed to be the 50th percentile. It wouldn’t hurt to contact an admissions office at a school that you love and ask them the question point blank. Also, know that if you have a decent score now and can get a secondary app, you can take the exam again in late August or September. Also, many schools will look at a January score if your secondary app is still under consideration.

If you don’t mind me asking, what is your overall score and how low were the two worst sections (you don’t need to name sections).