How do I write the MEAT of my essays?

So I’ve been thinking about writing my essay for a while but I am always torn when hearing other people’s essays. They always start off with something like “Timmy looked at me as I grasped his cold hand while tucking him snug into his blanket. I knew his hands were cold because he was going into septic shock due to XYZ. As I mustered the courage to call a code Timmy parents glanced at me …” you get the point.

Do the essays need to sound like a NY best seller? Do I need to craft a literary work of art to convey my passion for medicine? I understand story telling is important but is it necessary to go into that much detail to the point where it sounds like a short novel?

I understand this may be the way that some people write, and I can write like that. I just don’t feel like it’s authentic. It’s too detailed and makes me ignore everything they just said because it wasn’t needed IN MY OPINION. But I’m not on admissions, never applied, wrote an app, got in to med school etc. so I’m wondering, is this the new essay standard? Is this what admissions are looking for?