How do you love another dog?

Hi everyone,
One year ago this month, my husband and I had to put our beloved 11 year old poodle to sleep, due to lupus. He was suffering terribly, and was unable to tolerate medication, so we decided to end his life. What a decision to have to make! To say that we adored that dog is an understatement, and our grief has been intense. He really was a little person with fur, and was remarkable in every way.
I’ve been thinking about getting another dog, though,but am wondering if I could ever love another dog as much as Slomin, and if that would be fair to the new dog. I’m afraid that the new pup would suffer by comparison…that he could never be as smart, funny, playful, soulful,protective, etc. etc. as Slomin was. And yet, I love dogs, and always have. Growing up, each new dog we took into our home had its own unique personality, but was still a lot of fun to be with. However, as an adult, and caregiver of the dog, I look at it differently now ( as in, "why can’t this dog let me know when he has to go out…Slomin always did!) Just some musings on the idea…any dog lovers out there with advice? Hope everyone is having a great day! Regards, Siobhan

My sister recently lost her beloved “Zak” a German shepard/collie mix who was a great dog. She has gotton another dog since then, and though she continues to grieve for Zak, the new doggy, Lucy, is a different dog with a different personality. I think you would find that a new dog wouldn’t replace your beloved friend Slomin, but would find a place in your heart on their own terms.

Oohh, that is so sad. I feel for you in losing a great companion. Give it time. You will know when you are ready to love another dog. My sister lost her dog that she was very close to. It took a few years but she has another and loves her alot. She knows no other dog will replace her old one,but she has learned she can love another one too.