How do you perceive this?

Three years after I finished college I was literally talked into going back to school to get a degree in accounting. In the end, I changed jobs during the course of it and had to stop going to class, but this was after the point where I could drop the classes and get any money back so I just stuck it out to see what happened. Also, to be totally honest, I never was interested in the classes thus I had no desire to do well in them especially after getting off a 12 hour night shift and going straight to class for five hours. Sad but true. Going into the accounting my cum. GPA was about 3.45. Coming out of the accounting it’s much lower, yet that experience was about five years ago. I can’t remember the cummulative off-hand, but the GPA for that semester of accounting was 1.66. I can’t erase it, and I don’t want to go back to school forever to try retake those courses. I’ll finish up my premed stuff next May and assume I’ll do well in all those. My pre-existing science GPA is good. I taught h.s. biology two years out of college before going to work with a sheriff’s office. I’ve been in law enforcement since then with some off and on work as a part-time paramedic. I plan on applying to medical school just the same with that mark on my record, and I hope some can look past it since it was all a very poor decision on my part. I’ve bounced around so much looking for a job to content me when all that time has passed with me wanting to go to medical school. I elected to finish college a year early back then rather than finish the prereqs I needed. Since then I’ve wanted to go to med school but figured I’d closed the door on that opportunity. For the last two years I’ve revisited the idea and am now determined to apply.

this is a good news/bad news/good news

the good news is since you finished your degree before heading off into accounting, the original undergraduate work will show up as a separate line item on the application broken down by science/non-science.

The bad news is since accounting was taken after your UG degree, it will show up with your pre reqs as post-bacc. That will lower your overall PB GPA

The good news is the post-bacc is also broken into science/non science.

So I think you science GPA overall (UG and PB) should be significantly better than your non-science GPA and that will help.

Obviously this MUST be dealt with in your personal statement.