How do you view GPA trends?

Just generally curious how you all view GPA trends, because I’ve only ever heard, “upward = good.” My GPA is as follows:

Freshman (only 21 credits) - 1.571 - B,C,B,B, and three Fs in classes I literally forgot to drop because FML.
three years and lots of redefined life goals later
Sophomore - 3.846 - One “W” for family reasons, physics 1 unfortunately
Junior - 3.881
Senior - 3.895
Super Senior (120+ credits for formal bacc) - 3.943
Informal Postbacc - 4.0

Total - 3.644
AO - 3.486
BCPM - 3.926

My ECs are solid, tons of leadership/volunteering/shadowing, working on research, great LORs/personal statement, played competitive esports (hehe), currently looking at a 516+ MCAT (although I’m shooting for 520). My Senior/Super Senior years are at a top 10, highly competitive, and insanely difficult BSN program. Graduated top 2 of my class of 200. Has to count for something?

Will my freshman year completely miff my chances of getting into top 30 schools? I haven’t seen anything on here or on SDN talking about consistently stellar grades after a complete crap shoot of a year, especially freshman year. However, at the end of the day I’m willing to do whatever it takes to become a physician.