How does an on-line BA look to med schools?

I was looking into doing all my “core” work on-line while attending UW Stevens Point for the prereqs. Any opinions,as too the how med schools will view a mostly on-line education? I have 10 children and I am trying to minimize the time away, while still pursuing my goals.

I would also like opinions on how CLEP courses are viewed.



CLEP courses do not fullfill pre-reqs for medical school. All pre-reqs must be taken for a grade or written evaluation (some colleges have no grades).

I know that you can’t CLEP classes like Biology, your Chemistrys, Anatomy and the like but what about sociology?

Algerbra? Comm 1? And what if my other none science classes were on-line?



I think if you go this way with the on-line courses it may present a problem. Why don’t you call a few med schools and ask what they think about your plan?



Since you’re not that far from Chicago, you could also come to our conference in June and talk to reps from several different med schools who will be exhibiting there and try to get their take on it. Even if the people exhibiting are not admissions officers, they should be able to get back to you with answers to your questions and I find talking to people face to face to be very helpful.