How I'm Doing

It’s been a pretty rough week, scholastically. I had a major exam in every one of my classes.
I took my second Gen. Chem. test on Thursday. I made the highest grade in the class with an 87. Not outstanding, but things are definitely clicking this time. I have a 93 average in the class right now.
I took my first A&P test; I made an 89. Not the highest or the second highest, but a solid grade.
Also this week, my first microbiolog test. I made a 90 on it. All things considered, I did okay.
Today was Valentine’s Day, so Jennifer and I went and had sushi for lunch (her favorite) and just caught up with each other. We exchanged our Valentine’s Day gifts and just laughed about how we managed to keep the wolves at bay for another week.
I have Dr. Belle’s great advice from last semester (when I was having one of the hardest times in my life) pinned above my desk. It reads, “Hang tough, dude!” Every afternoon when I’m studying, I look at it and keep on working. I think, “I am this much closer to medical school.”

Great job, Ash!
I totally understand except that my exams were in Psychology and European History. Each class only has 3 exams the entire semester so there’s a lot on each: 110 multiple choice questions on the Psych in 40 minutes & 4 (500 word) essays in one hour in History. ohmy.gif
I got behind in my studying when both little kids and my hubby got sick for a week so I studied my butt off. I’m so glad the exams are done and have big plans to be more prepared for the next ones. I need to put a ‘Hang tough, dudette!’ note above my desk!
Glad to see you planned something nice for Valentine’s Day.
You did great! Keep up the good work! biggrin.gif