How is New York City College of Technology?

Hello everybody,

Is there anyone who knows something about New York City College of Technology?

I applied Hunter and City College as a non-degree student, but by the time I was allowed to register, the classes that I wanted were all closed. Apparently NYCCT, where still has some seats left, is the only choice that I have if I want to take my pre-med courses here in NYC.

Knowing nothing about this school makes me feel kind of insecure. So, if there is anyone who could give me some idea about the school, that would be a great help.

Thank you so very much in advance.

Hi – I live in Chicago, so I don’t have any advice for you on the particular school you mention. I just wanted to wish you a warm welcome to OPM. I hope you find the information you need, and that you fulfill your dreams.

Welcome! I tried asking my few friends who lived in NY if they knew anything about the City College of Technology, but nothing came up. Sorry I couldn’t be of any help.

The City Tech College of CUNY is a middle to low end of the road 4 year school, probably looked as a little below the smaller SUNY colleges such as Old Westbury, Cortland, etc. While Hunter has a better name, it also has a lot of internal competition.

City Tech is certainly better than CC and you are likely to be able to do well without being surrounded by “gunners.” While school reputation does count for something, more importantly, your GPA and consistent record are worth alot more. The other way to view this is taking classes at an average 4 year school will make you a better applicant than taking no classes at all

Have you looked in Lehman, Baruch, City College, and the other CUNY colleges?

Hi terra_incognita, thanks for the warm welcome. That is so nice of you. I sincerely hope that you fulfill your dreams too (maybe you did already. )

Thank you for asking around for me, Beefymcstewface. I tried to google NYCCT and hoped to find out something about it, but apparently it seems like noone is talking about it. That’s why I ended up to ask my question here.

gonnif, thanks for the information.

Actually, I looked up all CUNY 19 schools. haha.

For some reason, those Biology and Chemistry classes were unbelievable popular. While some schools didn’t offer Bio/Chem courses, some schools’ Bio/Chem classes were all closed, the 2 choices I had at that time were York College and NYCCT.

I didn’t want to go to York College, so I thought maybe I could give NYCCT a try.

However, after going to NYCCT campus, I realized that that’s not the school I wanted. As a result, I am going to wait for today when registration starts again at Hunter. If I am lucky enough, I might be able to get a spot from someone who drops his/her classe. If not, then I will probably go to Harvard Extension instead.

Thanks again, everybody!

I would not recommend City Tech. I have heard that the premed classes there are not taught that well. It’s better to go with Baruch if you can - good classes, small but supportive premed community, and there’s a few doing both Baruch and Hunter classes.

BTW, I am at Hunter and find it to be a very supportive, non-competitive environment while offering an Ivy-league level education. Not that many gunners. If you can get in for spring semester, I would go for it and just take Baruch classes for the fall.