How long did it take? AACOMAS

For anyone that’s applied to Osteopathic schools…
about how long did it take to get word that you were confirmed or whatever and get any secondaries from AACOMAS schools?
I’m just wondering… I’ve been getting random secondaries from allopathic schools… but haven’t heard anything from the osteopathic ones…

I can’t remember, but I think it took a while for KCOM to contact me about a secondary. I distinctly remember waiting and waiting…

It took every bit of that six weeks mentioned by the website, and then some.

AACOMAS apparently is much slower than AMCAS…if you haven’t seen some movement 2 months from the time you requested your last transcript to be sent, or the date you clicked submit (whichever is later) I’d start having questons…but I wouldn’t worry about it much till then.

Good luck!