how long do you wait for acceptance?

I was recently asked, “How long will you try to get into a med program?” Well, my answer was “just once” - but it was a slightly smart-arse answer followed by "because I’m getting accepted the first go."
In all actuality, I figure that if I don’t get accepted within two years, I’ll have to consider moving on. I just think that at my age (by then - about 45), and my dissatisfaction with my current career, I will have to start focusing on something else. Maybe by then - after taking so many related courses - I’ll have some other interst that will give me new challenge and direction … What about you all - how long would you wait?

I think I would have tried at least twice, perhaps three times. My backup plan was to be a geneticist. Thankfully I got in on the first try. But I think we’ve all worked too hard to give it up after only one try.

Well I think it depends on what you want, I decided to go offshore because It would kill me not to do this. But you may want to try many different schools around the US first.

Theres nothing wrong with many offshore schools, many have clinicals in the US and are accepted in most if not all 50 states. It’s 1.5 years at school out of the US then the rest in the US. Hey a doctor is a doctor Just my 2cents.

I would say probably two application cycles. If you get rejected on the first go around, contact some of the schools that rejected you and ask what would improve your application. Then, put some time and effort into improving it and reapply.

a friend of mine applied 3 years in a row back in the late 80s and is now a practicing surgeon. I guess it’s how much you want it. One year is a pretty small percentage of your life, and gets smaller as you get older… but it also gets to be a larger percentage of your remaining life. Still, if you were told, you can’t be a doctor by 49 but you can be one by 50–then would you give up or would you move forward? Another way to look at it is, you’re going to be 50 in a few years regardless of what you do with your life. So would you rather be 50 and a doctor or 50 and something else? It’s completely up to you.
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So would you rather be 50 and a doctor or 50 and something else? It’s completely up to you.

Well that’s obvious to me — 50 and a doctor! But, that won’t be entirely up to me. And, after the Space Shuttle program ends, I’ll be jobless. I can’t wait forever. So, I’ll have to find some real direction by then. If there’s no med school acceptance, I will definately have to pursue a different direction in the health/life-science arena. Sadly. Of course, by then, my entire life might have an entirely different direction — who knows, right?
Thanks for all the replies - interesting thoughts.