How many classes at a time is good enough?


I started my journey to med school starting last year.

I’m planning to do a DIY post bacc at the local 4-year university that happens to be home of the state’s only public medical school (The school I want to go to).

I have a full-time job as a chemist, supporting my family, paying the mortgage, bills, etc. I’m also taking phlebotomy classes to eventually get a side job for clinical experience, save money for classes, and pay off debts to prepare for medical school.

With my time into doing two jobs, and family, how many post-bacc classes at a time would seem suitable for the school to know that I’m academically fit?

With my limited time, I was thinking two classes for my first semester to see how well I can do with time management, keep grades up, etc.

Thank you for any feedback.