How many of your secondary apps requested pictures?

Do they all do this? I have one requesting a face and shoulders shot. Did you get one made somewhere? Dress up? Just have a friend take it with their cellphone?

Maybe I need a friend that’s good with photoshop take care of some gray hair

Just curious.

I haven’t been through this yet, but in looking at my schools of choice, all the websites mention submitting a “passport sized photo” with the secondary application. One site specifically said, “You will want to ensure that your photo accurately reflects your professionalism.”

**What that says to me: Dress professionally and just get a passport picture (local drugstore, etc), and you should be fine. =) Even if they don’t mind a more casual picture, they won’t hold it against you for a business/professional one. (The opposite, however, may not be the case.)

Better safe than sorry!

I dressed in my business suit and had my husband take my photo (head and shoulders) with our camera, then loaded it onto a flash drive and went to CVS where they have the Kodak kiosk. Insert the drive and print out passport photos - cost me 50 cents. Two schools I applied to requested the photo be mailed, and most of the rest requested it be uploaded along with the secondary. Become familiar with how to adjust the sizing for uploading because each school has different size specifications.

I’ll DEFINITELY be coloring ALL of the grey!

I want to look as close to 25 as possible!

I also had my spouse take a pic of me in a suit jacket with tie (I was wearing shorts on the bottom, haha) then took it to Walgreens, made a bunch of prints, and cut out a 2"x2" head/shoulders part to mail in. I think I had about 6 or 7 schools where I actually had to mail a pic. Many others required that I upload a pic on the secondary website in jpg format. Definitely take a good quality pic where you’re dressed up because everyone else will and you don’t want to stand out in a negative way.

All of the ones that wanted photos allowed mento upload them. I had a shirt and tie on.