How many OPMers are in NY/NJ?

I am from Northern NJ. Anyone else?

I’m on Long Island doing my Post Bacc at Hofstra.


Been meaning to post but hadn’t been able to for a few months due to a technical issue.

I think there are quite a few others of us in the NY/NJ area.

I just started the postbacc at Columbia. Feel free to email or PM me if you have any questions about the school or the program. Am taking only one course at a time for the coming year and a half or so; going through Physics at the moment. If all goes as planned I’d be applying to enter in either 2007 or 2008.

I work full-time as a Systems Analyst in CT and reside in Westchester. I was born and raised in Washington Heights in Manhattan and still have very strong ties to the area.

Am always willing to meet up with other OPMs. It would be nice if eventually we could get all the area OPMs together even if it’s just to commiserate.

Good luck to you all!

I am from Long Island and have a friend doing the Columbia post bacc…

We should have a NY/NJ OPM get together, including our families.
It may be nice to plan a BBQ for memorial day weekend.
Any thoughts?