how many schools did you apply to?

Just curious about how many schools people applied to.

I haven’t officially submitted my application (hopefully next week…still waiting on reviews of my personal statement) so I will hold off on stating how many for now but I am curious about you all.

Plus its a distraction that is not that far off topic :).

I applied to all the Texas schools (6 including the osteopathic school) and to 18 AMCAS out of state schools and I am still working on the DO schools. It will probably be near 30 by the time I am done. I had to cast a wide net because my scores are not the best (27Q, 3.2 overall, 4.0 post bacc, 3.3 BCPM) hoping my extracurricular and NASA work experience will help me somewhat and a whole lot of prayer!!

I did get an email from EVMS asking me if I planned to retake the MCAT - I guess they won’t consider me based on my scores - bummer - but I will get in somewhere!!

Good luck!

My advisor said I should apply to the Texas schools but I looked at the MSAR numbers of the amount of out-of-state students they accept and its not too many.

Yes Texas schools do give preference to Texas residents, but if you have competitive scores you can compete for the non-resident spots. You can always call the Admissions office and ask what they consider competitive. If you decide to apply to Texas schools, they REALLY need the applications early. They complete interviews by end of December and unless you have excellent scores, you need to apply in the summer to be considered even as a resident (this is what I have been told). I submitted my application at the end of May. It is substantially cheaper to apply on TMDSAS than AMCAS - it was only $115 to apply to all 7 TMDSAS schools and only 4 have secondaries and only two of them charge a secondary fee.

Well, I have submitted my application on the last day to be considered “early.” These are the allopathic schools I applied to:

Albert Einstein College of Medicine Brown University

Dartmouth Medical School

Drexel University College of Medicine

Emory University School of Medicine

George Washington University Sch of Med & Hlth Sci

Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine

Medical College of Wisconsin

New York Medical College

Temple University School of Medicine

Tufts University School of Medicine

UMDNJ- Robert Wood Johnson Medical School

UMDNJ-New Jersey Medical School

Vanderbilt University School of Medicine

Wake Forest University School of Medicine

I will be fortunate to get four legit secondaries.

I applied to approx. 37 schools. Some were very long reach schools that I’ve already received the small envelope from. But it only takes one

I applied to 35 allopathic schools - means AMCAS alone cost over $1,000. Hell of a process, playing the field. At the very least, the next 12 months won’t be boring ;).

This thought isn’t especially relevant for those entering in 2008, but for 2009 applicants, I recommend applying to about 20 well-chosen schools. Many more than that doesn’t “buy” you much (but it is expensive), and after about 20 schools’ essays, you’ll winnow down the number on your own, after the fact.



Judy’s probably right, of course. It’s expensive, the essays will be a lot, and I don’t know how much it’ll actually help me. We’ll see how it turns out, eh?

Good luck guys! I hope to see you at Mayo!


I applied to ONE

I knew in my heart of hearts, if I could get an interview… I could sell my vision, and so it was…


I applied to six since I was limited in my location-- 5 in my local area (where my husband and my family were) and 1 where my in-laws live. Figured if all else failed, I could move down by them and visit my husband when I could.

4 acceptances, 1 rejection without interview after secondary (JHU) and 1 withdrawal. So I agree with Judy, carefully select your schools.

I’m late responding but I applied to 14 DO schools. Originally, I had this grand plan to apply to both MD and DO schools although I strongly prefer the DO philosophy (hands on, whole person approach, etc.) and want to learn OMM…but then I took the MCAT so that ruled out applying to the MD schools. My other stats are decent: 3.5 science GPA, 3.6 post-bac GPA although only 3.1 GPA undergrad and I think 3.2-something with all the GPAs merged together. MCAT was a 21R with 5 PS/10 VR/6 BS and R for writing. At least I can read and write, lol.

I will retake the MCAT/reapply if necessary in 2008. I also have 2 years of research, good LORs, 1000+ hours of healthcare experience (mostly volunteer work), etc. I submitted my app late but so far 12 schools sent me secondaries, I’ve done 4 of them and working on the rest, I’m “complete” at 2 schools, and that about sums it up.

I think 20 would be the maximum I would apply to but I’m also limited with the finances so I did only 14 and even that cost almost $2K.