How many times can you take the test?

I took it twice in 1997 (highest score was 24Q). Let's say I take it again and do badly, would a 4th time kill me?

If you are going to take for the 3rd time and already thinking or planning or whatever that you are going to do badly, sorry but you do not need to take it. Go to and see that AFTER your third MCAT attempt you will have to get special permission from AAMC to retake it. Yes you can retake it more than three times but I have no clue if there is any upper limit…

I think your 1997 scores are no longer good for applications, right? Will thye still appear on your record? Ask the MCAT folks about that.
Aim to only take the sucker one more time!!! Put all your energy and resources into it. Make this one count. That way you won't have to worry about special permission or explaining that 4th test.
Good luck!!!