How many to expect? I need stats!

I was wondering if anyone can tell me how many schools they applied to, how many interviews they got, how many acceptances? The anticipation is hell.

Average is about 15-20.

1st time: 14 : both MD and DO. 0 interviews, 0 acceptances

2nd time: 9: only DO, 4 Interviews, 2 acceptances (only attended 2 interviews)

a lot of it had to do with $$$. And if my wife was not willing to move to an area, why would I even apply there?

I generally recommend that applicants apply to “about twenty” schools. As far as knowing how many interviews those applications will lead to - it’s all over the map, from 0 to multiple.



What does that roughly cost to apply to 15 schools?

I applied to 10 schools, got 3 interviews and 2 acceptances. Had a very average MCAT score… + rather good everything else. Both acceptances were to state schools.