How much do surgeons have to travel / continuing ed, etc.

I HATE to travel, though I would consider it one of the more minor sacrifices of the profession. I do hate travel, though.

How much travel is done by surgeons for things like continuing ed? Can you get continuing ed at the hospital you work at in most cases?

Thanks for the input!

Sorry. Same question for Physician Assistants, as well. Can you get your ongoing training in town, in most cases?

Again, thank you.

This is highly dependent upon the community & facility in which you work. If in an academic center, there will be much more opportunity to earn CMEs (cont med edu units) effectively minimizing the travel component. In private practice, there will be far fewer CME opportunities so you will have access them elsewhere. “Elsewhere” can mean an academic center nearby, state or national conferences or other clinics or sabbaticals.