How much of a factor is it to be bilingual?

I only speak english. Does this make me less competitive than someone who speaks more than one language? Should I be including language classes with my prerequisites?

Thank you.

I think being bilingual is not important. I think it is just another thing about you that gets listed on your application that would make you “you.” If you are interested in learning another language, then go for it, but don’t do it because you think you should. Admissions committees see right through people who do activities as a resume filler as opposed to those who do things passionately because the love them.

does not affect your competitiveness at all.

Overall I agree with previous posts. I have read that one school in Texas (can’t remember) recommended Spanish and that preference would be given to students who would speak that language. I will try to find the link and post it. But this might be an exception to the rule though…

On the topic of foreign language, University of Washington requires 2 years of high school foreign language or 3 quarters in college and it is called a

“foreign language graduation requirement.” So, that is something to keep in mind if you are working on your degree. I am certain not all schools require it. I love Spanish, but, not thrilled about taking Math, Chemistry and SPANISH, but that is what my spring quarter will be. In fact, it gives me preference points for transfer to UW from CC if my year is finished.…

I took Spanish I and II in an 8 week course. Yes, 20 weeks crammed into 8. Oh and don’t think they cut back on any of the homework or words to memorize. It will be 6 months when I start on Spanish III and I am hoping I remember it. I better start reviewing!

Just out of curiosity, what other foreign languages do those of you who are already seeing patients speak/use? Yes, obviously it varies by community…just wondering. I speak Spanish well and Yiddish fairly well. No possibility of my learning an Asian or Slavic language right now, but maybe Creole…

I can’t speak to the “competitive” aspect, but in medical practice, being bilingual helps immensely. Spanish is really useful in almost any hospital, but other languages will vary with where you are. Many Burmese refugees have been settled in Buffalo, for example, so we could really use some applicants at UB who speak their language.