How representative are NBME step practice tests?

Hey all! it’s board step study time and having just taken one of these wonderful practice exams I was wondering how much credence I should give to that score correlation it spits out?

I think it’s fairly good – it predicted my score within 3 points, and from what I’ve heard from some of my classmates, their actual step 1 scores were mostly all within 5 points of the practice test scores. Although I did hear of one that was 20 points off…

Most of us did practice exam(s) #15 and/or #16 about a week before our exam dates, which is what our school recommended (in fact, if our scores from the practice test weren’t in the range of what we needed, our advisors recommended that we postpone taking the exam).

Good luck!

Thanks for the response! I was wondering about the tests for step 2. I was talking to some of my classmates and they are under the impression that the tests available for step 2 more ‘under-report’ the score. Which is fine, no ones going to argue with getting a higher score then they expect! Just wanted to see if others had the same experience. I should have specified in my original post.

Good Luck to you too!